Source rocks


  • Holger Lindgreen
  • Erik Thomsen
  • Per Wrang



Little has been published on source rocks of Paleozoic and Mesozoic ages in the North Sea. Gas in many fields of the southern North Sea is known to originate from Late Carboniferous Coal Measures, (Eames 1975). In the East Midlands area of England, the oil in Carboniferous reservoirs is believed to originate from Carboniferous rocks (Bernard & Cooper 1981). Several papers published on the oil fields in the southern and northern North Sea suggest a Late Jurassic source rock (see review by Weismann 1979 and Bernard & Cooper 1981). Also Early and Middle Jurassic shales are suggested as possible source rocks in parts of the North Sea (Fuller 1975, Oudin 1976). Published data on source rock conditions in the Danish sector is limited to Weismann (1979).




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Lindgreen, H., Thomsen, E., & Wrang, P. (1982). Source rocks. Danmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse Serie B, 8, 73–86.