Reservoir rocks


  • Finn Jacobsen
  • Kirsten Lieberking
  • Erik Nygaard



The present chapter contains a review of the potential reservoir rocks drilled in the Danish Central Graben. The source data for this descriptive summary originates primarily from wells drilled to explore chalk reservoirs. The main part of possible chalk reservoirs has been evaluated only by using wire line logs, since few cores have been cut and very few tests performed. Therefore, further investigations are necessary to evaluate and describe these possible reservoir rocks properly. In this chapter, each zone in which shows have been recorded, and each porosity zone, is described. This is done with reference to the formations/log-units given earlier in the paper. The characteristics relevant to reservoir evaluation, such as the extension, thickness, depth, porosity, and permeability, are described. The characterizing terms (good, fair, etc.) used for reservoir parameters in sandstone reservoirs cannot be applied automatically to chalk reservoirs. The descriptions are accompanied by maps showing the known occurrences.




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Jacobsen, F., Lieberking, K., & Nygaard, E. (1982). Reservoir rocks. Danmarks Geologiske Undersøgelse Serie B, 8, 92–133.